Why Indonesian manager/leader needs coaching more than developed countries?

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Hi Coaches and all Training Managers; i would like to share my journey in understanding coaching.

First of all, i Have to say Alhamdulillah as I have experiences in satellites industry which I deal with many big international companies (Lockheed Martin, Orbital, Arianespace, Thales, ISS-Resthevnev, Space-X, Telesat, other satellite manufactures & launchers). With satellite expertise I able to visit 4 continents (about 25 countries) and visit 31 provinces in Indonesia. Then, I was appointed in Learning Centre which then I transformed the Learning Centre to become TelkomCorpu where I asked CEO that for launching I just need a letter that Knowledge Management to be moved to Learning Centre and He agreed.

Then, I went to Metra to be Director of HCM but my superior told me that it was not fair, so we reorganised the company I worked for and I had to supervised media businesses, 2 satellites business units and I asked to be HR people (we called it Chief Human Capital MetraGroup), my superior agreed.

Then, I was assigned to be an expert in satellite for Telkom’s CTO. Fortunately, prior leaving Metra, Metra management gave me a valuable gift which is a training to be a coaching (in www.vanaya.co.id).

After I completed the coaching training 2 times 4 days with 65 hours coaching experiences in total, I believe coaching style is absolutely needed for Indonesia. Having opportunities to re-visit satellite manufactures and satellite operators, I learned a lot and this time is very valuable and I always asked to meet HR people on the satellite manufactures & operators. I met senior manager for HR in Thales, 2 VPs on business in Telesat, 2 board members in MDA (manufacture of Space Shuttle Arms).

The result is surprising me, as they do not have any specific coaching program, most of them are mentoring programs only. Thales has very good programs for mentoring. Interestingly, Thales has program in coaching is just for high potential talents and employees who have problems before they are leaving the company due to any reasons. In MDA dan Telesat, the just believe that talent will show up by their execution capabilities.

The above information was confusing me, and then I discussed with my brother in law, he is quite senior in Bank of America and other collegue in satellite (seniors person), some practitioners on education in Indonesia; why developed countries companies do not need coaching programs heavily?

Then, I discussed and watching, reading any information, events in the area that I involved (satellite), trying to read, hear and remembering all related issues and then analyse the wording and statements from superiors and friends and including myself. I found that the first wording or statement that came up from us after reading or having a report, is, usually using judgement sentences; such as ‘it is lack of ,,, .. its not good yet ,,,’ instead of “oh its good, we have progress then what we can do to increase/improve…’.

I do understood that judgment is still needed, but is not that often. This approach is different with coaching style leadership which from Harvard Business Review is 1 of the 6 leadership style to be successful leader.

Then, I look back what i got from schools and what my kids got, yes, it is quite similar experiences with judgement sentences.

Then I compared it with discussion with my sister’s family and read their books, also discussion with some senior manager from several international companies in satellite or in Indonesia. What i come up with an answer from the question in the title above is, We are Indonesian is not quite exposed by coaching style question yet, and where people in developed countries are already exposed since baby

Fortunately, young generation in big cities is already exposed by coaching style question not an judgment statement or yes-no question, this can be seen with more young people more innovative. However, if we go to suburban this coaching style may not available yet.  In addition, there is also gap generation from millenial to baby boomers.

Understanding this, i suggest young parents to learn coaching style parenting and spiritual spirits and then coaching their children.

Having discussed the question,  I made a conclusion as of 18 March 2017; company in Indonesia will need coaching program heavily; but maybe in 15 – 20 years later, they may not need it heavily.

This coaching program will improve communication, developing new leaders and maybe reduce management derailment and accidental leadership.

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